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“I only have good feedback, backed up by the number of people I’ve recommended to you. Your treatments are effective, you take time to listen and the environment is relaxing, not to mention the cup of tea!”

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“The clinic is welcoming and has a calming effect, as does Paul himself who is always ready to listen to the client’s concerns in relation to what is at the forefront on that occasion.”

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“Comfortable environment – a bit of a sanctuary in nice surroundings.

Easy to feel relaxed and at ease.

Don’t feel rushed or just another patient.

Very personal approach.

A wealth of knowledge and lots of advice for all sorts of problems.

Positive and very helpful approach from all the staff.

Mixture of services e.g. acupuncture, herbalist, nutritionist, so a ‘one stop shop’ for any problem.

I do a 2 hour round trip to visit the clinic and always come away feeling positive, rejuvenated and with a relaxed and calm feeling. Well worth the trip!”

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“Paul is always positive, encouraging and full of energy, humour and hope.

They provide a calm and soothing atmosphere, a place of sanctuary to restore the body and mind.”

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“The atmosphere at the clinic is very relaxed and informal, always a friendly and warm welcome from Paul. Paul has very good interpersonal skills combined with a professional approach which makes me feel more confident and self assured. The results of the treatment are always very good.”

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