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“I decided to try acupuncture to lose a few pounds, and slowly but surely I lost half a stone which I was really happy with. Not only that, but after each session I felt really awake and energised so I’d definitely recommend a few acupuncture sessions if you’re feeling a bit run down and in need of a boost.

The thing that blew me away the most though was the facial enhancement taster session that I had to rid some eczema that had developed under my eyes. Immediately it took effect and the very next day, the eczema had reduced and the redness and soreness has disappeared.  I was just amazed.

The Mitchell Hill Clinic is a lovely and relaxing place and Paul is really friendly and professional, so if you’re considering acupuncture for whatever reason, then my recommended choice would most definitely be The Mitchell Hill Clinic.”

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“At 57 I found I was putting on weight at an alarming rate.

I decided to cut alcohol from my diet for a start. One visit to The Mitchell Hill Clinic 13 months ago had the required effect. The painless acupuncture made me resolve to stop smoking too at the same time.

3 visits were enough  to make a major change in my lifestyle. I got more accomplished, lost 1 and a half stone and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Keep up the good work, a major contribution to the national health.”

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