“I had suffered several miscarriages before being treated at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in January 2007. My GP had no answer for these miscarriages and despite being very distressed and down about the whole thing I was told that there was probably nothing wrong with me and I should just try again, I didn’t feel that this was good enough and so decided to take things into my own hands.

At my initial consultation with Paul Adkins, he explained to me about the 5 Element Acupuncture he practiced. To determine which of my elements was out of balance Paul asked me questions concerning my medical history, emotional well being and lifestyle, although some of these questions were of a sensitive and personal nature, I immediately felt at ease due to his emphatic gentle approach.

We agreed on a treatment plan and each session that followed was always proceeded by a consultation to determine which pressure points he would be working on that week. Paul had an uncanny knack of gauging my well being and he put this down to the way my voice sounded, the colour of my skin and how my pulse felt. He always explained to me about the procedures he would carry out and I can honestly say that due to his professionalism I was rarely aware of feeling the very fine needles.

I started to feel a huge sense of calm and well being very soon after my first acupuncture session, and in May 2007 I became pregnant. Needless to say I felt extremely anxious about the prospect of miscarrying again but Paul was extremely knowledgeable about the subject and he used points to help strengthen and support my body and to aid my blood flow. He also used points to help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness and heartburn which enabled me to relax and enjoy a stress free pregnancy.

Alfie was born in January 2008, almost a year after my first consultation with Paul. The causes of miscarriage still remain unclear and anyone who has gone through this knows how soul destroying it can be, however my sessions with Paul became an integral and extremely valued part of my healing process.

As well as the treatment, I found being able to talk about my feelings and experience in a non ‘hospitalised’ environment hugely supportive and I have no doubt that he has played an important role in the successful arrival of my beautiful son.”

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