“On Saturday I had my first session (cosmetic acupuncture). Paul, my acupuncturist, has developed this treatment himself (I see him regularly for acupuncture for something else) and now teaches people and has even been asked by a company in Hong Kong to go over and teach them!

Paul customises his treatment for each face, so targeting individual problem areas. It was extremely relaxing and painless…I am a person who will often faint at having an inoculation!!

But the needles and the application for injections are entirely different from the experience of acupuncture. The needles are much much smaller and this is restful, supportive, relaxing and energising.

(That last sentence should be illegal…cannnnnnoooootttt possibly be me…)

The benefits obviously increase with each additional visit. It’s a great, natural alternative for anyone thinking about Botox or would just like their face to look healthy and rejuvenated.

I’ve seen another lady who’s had regular cosmetic acupuncture and she looks wonderful.”

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