“I first visited The Mitchell Hill Clinic approximately two years ago when I started acupuncture treatment with Paul for a thyroid condition.

I chose to combine ‘conventional’ medicine with acupuncture in a bid to avoid surgery and I am happy to say that my thyroid condition has been symptom free, and well under control, for the past year, without the need for surgery or any medication.

Paul is currently treating me for the symptoms of menopause and after only two treatments I am already noticing a definite improvement in my symptoms. I am confident that acupuncture treatments with Paul will continue to improve things further, and I have no doubt that the treatments have also contributed enormously to my general feelings of well being and positive energy levels over the past two years.

Paul is a very dedicated and friendly practitioner with an infectious zest for life. He always goes to a great deal of trouble to take the time to talk to his patients and to get to know them and understand their needs. I have every confidence in his knowledge and expertise and I am very happy to recommend him as a trusted acupuncture practitioner.”

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