Kelly RichardsReally relaxing I came away feeling calm and ready for the rest of the day and night
Thank you

Paul is the most empathetic, caring person. Cannot recommend highly enough

Regular monthly treatment with Kelly has helped relieve sciatic pains

Had my first appointment with Kelly today. Lovely lady, helped put me at ease, was happy to answer any questions. Would 100% recommend to anyone. Look forward to my next appointment.

I have been going to Paul for 2 years now. Initially for cosmetic acupuncture and then for treatments while pregnant. He has been so supportive and encouraging through the whole journey and I couldn’t recommend him enough. He is extremely experienced and I always feel I’m in safe hands.

Thank you Paul, great experience to be back with you again. It was too long a break. I am looking forward to feeling the benifit tomorrow!
Keep up the good work.

Always great to come here and I always feel great after treatment. Such a welcoming atmosphere with a very knowledgeable acupuncturist – my little retreat :0)

Paul is a lovely, caring man and exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. Always a pleasure to see him and I come away feeling relaxed and so much better.

Kelly greeted Millie with a warm and calm welcome. On entering Kelly’s treatment room we felt so peaceful. The tree design on the chests were so soothing and the atmosphere was so tranquil. Kelly is a wonderful listener and understood Millie’s anxieties. After a calm talk, Millie went onto a very positive and energising acupuncture session with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Thank you so much to Kelly for her Professional support and sensitive approach. Millie is making good progress and felt her acupuncture has been a catalyst for positive change. THANK YOU SO MUCH, we appreciate you.

Paul Adkins at Positive Acupuncture is a skilful specialist in his field, with a warm heart and joy of helping people. I’ve been going to Paul for over 9 months now and must say he is Cornwall’s best kept secret!! It’s always wonderful to see Paul and acupuncture is so helpful for my ailments. Paul trains acupuncturists, has extensive experience and training himself. He just told me today that they are able to offer a 1-year online acupuncturist course with four long practice weekends in Cornwall, as it was approved recently.
-Paul and Positive Acupuncture – you are amazing, you positively change peoples lives 😊🎉🙏🏻

I would highly recommend Highgrove Health Acupuncture. I had my first session with Paul, and immediately felt realigned and at peace with myself. I look forward to continuing my wellness journey with further treatments in the future. Amelia Macdonald

As Millie’s mother, I was immediately at ease on entering Paul’s Wellbeing Centre, the atmosphere of the room was so relaxing and calm. Paul was very reassuring and listened very well to Millie. Millie’s treatment was very positive and has helped calm her mind and thoughts. We are both so very grateful for Paul’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness. We have booked three more sessions to continue on this balancing journey. Thank you so much Paul.

Paul Adkins is a sensitive caring and understanding practitioner.
He is easy to talk to and he is extremely experienced.
I have been treated by him for many years and I have always felt better for his gentle treatment and his easy approach.
His treatment rooms are second to none giving the client a peaceful feeling just by walking through the door. Here the ancient art of acupuncture meets you in its beautiful decoration and creates a sense of peace.
I couldn’t recommend Paul and Highgrove Health highly enough .

My first time having acupuncture
Kelly was lovely and I really enjoyed it, I even fell asleep I was so relaxed

Acupuncture with Kelly is always deeply relaxing and revitalising, she is great at listening to what’s going on for me and offering a treatment that supports and balances mind, emotions and body really well. Effects last for weeks! Highly recommend.

Just wanted to say how good it was to be back! You have done a brilliant job of making everything safe and maintaining the relaxing environment, I felt very comfortable and glad to be there. I can’t think of a single thing you could have done to make it more germ-free and secure; I’m thinking of moving in for the duration! I am glad to hear you have been busy, that must be a big relief for you and very nice for all your new clients.

Thank you very much for everything and look forward to the next time in November.

Intuitive, calming, and healing. Initially commencing acupuncture treatments for physical solutions (fully healed with management), and have now felt my whole being and life expand and flow since working with Paul. A complete support.

I came to see Paul 10 days overdue with my second pregnancy, hoping to avoid induction.  After a really relaxing and pleasant appointment, my labour started about 8 hours later.  Our baby arrived almost exactly 24 hours after my appointment.  I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome as I not only avoided induction, but I also got the VBAC I so dearly wanted.  Huge thanks to Paul, he’s really very good at what he does, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

And I mean every word – I’m thrilled to bits and I’m sure the acupuncture did the trick – thanks again.

“I have been struggling with sciatica and lower back pain caused by an inflamed Lumber 5 disc since November 2011. I have tried numerous treatments to try to alleviate this including seeing a Chiropractor, Osteopathy, massage and Cranial Sacro Therapy.

My acupuncturist, Paul Adkins, suggested we try Acupressure tape. I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the positive results. The tape, I believe, creates more space below the outer skin to promote improved blood flow. As a result my back has been pain free for several days and it has even relieved some of the pains that were passing down through my legs. Highly recommended.”

“I had it at The Mitchell Clinic in Truro with Paul Adkins who’s a brilliant acupuncturist… he can target specific problem areas too… Highly, highly and even higher… recommendation for this treatment… I shall be returning for more…”

“I was intrigued by Paul’s new dermal roller therapy… Not at all uncomfortable, the fact it continues to work for the next eight weeks is a real bonus.

As I have had so many complimentary remarks on how well I look I shall definitely be returning.”

“The thing that blew me away the most though was the facial enhancement taster session that I had to rid some eczema that had developed under my eyes. Immediately it took effect and the very next day, the eczema had reduced and the redness and soreness has disappeared .I was just amazed.”

“After the treatment (Facial Enhancement Acupuncture) I could see an immediate difference in my skin, it looked radiated and slightly lifted and over the days it feels firmer.

The benefits obviously increase with each additional visit. It’s a great, natural alternative for anyone thinking about Botox or would just like their face to look healthy and rejuvenated.”

“The Mitchell Hill Clinic is excellent. They provide a relaxing, comfortable environment with brilliant consultation and quality treatments.”

“I’ve just had my first five element acupuncture, and I already feel a lot more relaxed with my anxieties 🙂 I can’t wait to get it done again in two weeks !!”

“I have been attending the Mitchell Hill Clinic since last October. When I first went I had a great deal of pain in my hip with the prospect of a Hip Replacement. Now and for at least 2 months I have no pain at all. Walking is back to normal, and I am not taking any pain relief. As well as feeling better physically, it is extremely uplifting at the clinic a beautiful tranquil space. Paul no doubt is not only easy to talk and very kind, he is naturally talented, we are lucky to have him in Truro.”

“Paul is the best in the south west!!! Beautiful clinic amazing treatment and you leave feeling relaxed and positive… Highly recommended.”

“I also wanted to say a big thank you. I am so pleased that I came to you for treatment. The whole experience was fantastic, from the cups of tea to the dvd recommendations and even the dodgy jokes!!! I found your positivity and energy infectious and I truly believe that ‘I’ is here as a result of your expertise and treatment, in conjunction with the IUI.

Thank you so much for everything.”

“Hi Paul, Just wanted to let you know my PMS is soooooo much better!!! I’m able to get quality sleep at night, my cycle is lighter, kidney pain has gone, I don’t feel like a pressure cooker anymore, chocolate cravings have even reduced and the pointless despair that I get before every cycle has almost disappeared. I used to also get bad pain in my muscles and chronic fatigue just before the start of my cycle, that doesn’t happen any more and the breast tenderness is almost non-existant…. I feel normal again! Thank you : )))))”

“I can not recommend Paul and his work highly enough. Not only is he one of the nicest people you will ever meet, he is exceptionally knowledgable and brilliant at what he does. We are really lucky to have him in county, I wouldn’t see any other acupuncturist and would only ever recommend Paul to my family and friends.”

“It is always such a pleasure to go to The Mitchell Hill Clinic. I have had both cosmetic acupuncture and micro needling with Paul. I am so impressed with the end result – the health and appearance of my skin has vastly improved. Many, many thanks.”

“Paul was amazing. When I first went to him I was a mess, so upset after losing my dad and had the feeling of having lost control of my life. Several sessions later and I was back in control and a much happier person to boot with no migraines every week. Amazing and talented, so easy to speak to. Thank you Paul and I must come back soon when I have some time.”

“Not sure if anyone else has tried acupuncture for energy levels but I would recommend it! I have 5 element traditional acupuncture every 2 weeks with the lovely Paul at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in Truro. It’s so relaxing too!”

“Want to chill out… the mitchell hill clinic knows what it’s all about .”

“Paul is amazing, for rapid lasting results from his unique 5 element acupuncture.”

“Can’t recommend The Mitchell Hill Clinic highly enough. Whether you are suffering from the stresses of modern day living or just need a cosmetic boost contact Paul at his clinic.”

“Thanks so much for all your kind words and support throughout the fertility treatments. I’m sure they made a difference to our prospects by lengthening that second phase of my cycle, and made me feel so much more positive. I also feel they helped me hold on to this baby despite the early bleeding. I’m sure I’ll be visiting you again- probably for some cosmetic work to make me less haggard after the sleepless nights!”

“I would like to thank Paul so very much – the acupuncture sessions always made me feel much more positive, at 41 years of age I had been told that my chances of conceiving naturally weren’t great (my AMH b/test was less than 2 and the words ‘donor eggs’ had been suggested).

Paul helped me to feel positive and I just hoped and prayed that the acupuncture, plus all the Zita West supplements, lifestyle/diet changes etc. would help us to conceive.

Last April after just 6 months of regular treatments I fell pregnant, having also had some treatments at the fertility clinic (hormone injections and IUI).

I continued with the acupuncture sessions throughout the pregnancy – this really helped as I was so anxious that I would miscarry again (we lost twins at 22 weeks March 2010). Again the acupuncture, plus Paul’s positivity, was reassuring and I always felt hugely relaxed and calm after treatments.

The setting and atmosphere is perfect at The Mitchell Hill Clinic – clean, friendly, professional and yet personal.

What more can I say? Just thanks a million, baby Zoe is 2 weeks old today and I can’t believe how lucky we are to have her.”

“Hi Paul – Just wanted to say a huge thank you for ridding me of my beastly acne rosacea. My doctor told me I would have to learn to live with it but thanks to you I have been clear for 5 years. I only tried it as a last resort – what a success story! Many thanks again for your professional skills and also your friendship. You are a very talented yet modest person. You deserve all the success in the world – but please don’t move away from Cornwall!!”

“…we now have a baby! …thank you so much for all the infertility acupuncture, I really think it made a huge difference.”

“Thanks for your work on my knees this year, I have done a lot of walking these last two days and they have been great.”

“On Saturday I had my first session (cosmetic acupuncture). Paul, my acupuncturist, has developed this treatment himself (I see him regularly for acupuncture for something else) and now teaches people and has even been asked by a company in Hong Kong to go over and teach them!

Paul customises his treatment for each face, so targeting individual problem areas. It was extremely relaxing and painless…I am a person who will often faint at having an inoculation!!

But the needles and the application for injections are entirely different from the experience of acupuncture. The needles are much much smaller and this is restful, supportive, relaxing and energising.

(That last sentence should be illegal…cannnnnnoooootttt possibly be me…)

The benefits obviously increase with each additional visit. It’s a great, natural alternative for anyone thinking about Botox or would just like their face to look healthy and rejuvenated.

I’ve seen another lady who’s had regular cosmetic acupuncture and she looks wonderful.”

“I decided to try acupuncture to lose a few pounds, and slowly but surely I lost half a stone which I was really happy with. Not only that, but after each session I felt really awake and energised so I’d definitely recommend a few acupuncture sessions if you’re feeling a bit run down and in need of a boost.

The thing that blew me away the most though was the facial enhancement taster session that I had to rid some eczema that had developed under my eyes. Immediately it took effect and the very next day, the eczema had reduced and the redness and soreness has disappeared.  I was just amazed.

The Mitchell Hill Clinic is a lovely and relaxing place and Paul is really friendly and professional, so if you’re considering acupuncture for whatever reason, then my recommended choice would most definitely be The Mitchell Hill Clinic.”

“In February 2005, I was discharged from hospital with an immobility problem.

Although, this improved slightly by exercise, I was only able to walk using 2 sticks.

About 18 months ago arthritis attacked my knees which was very painful. The beginning of 2008 the arthritis moved to my arms, hands, thumbs and neck. The pain factor was so severe that I was taking 2 paracetamol 4 times a day (this being the maximum dose).

In desperation I turned to The Mitchell Hill Clinic. The first treatment gave me immediate relief for 3 or 4 days then the pain started to return. The next treatment a week later once again gave me respite for a few days. After each treatment the pain factor improved tremendously, so much so I started to reduce the number of paracetamol I was taking. At the end of a month Paul Adkins suggested that I did not have treatment for 2 weeks. I was concerned that the pain would return, but did as was suggested and found the pain was reduced for 10 days.

Subsequently, the amount of treatment has been left for a month, I sometimes only take paracetamol once a day, but usually it is twice a day. Needless to say I am very impressed with the treatment received from The Mitchell Hill Clinic.”

“Dear Paul, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your help in overcoming my infertility.

When I contacted you, my husband and I had been trying for over two years without success. I was very stressed and clearly out of synch. I started feeling better soon after the first treatment of traditional acupuncture as you were helping to re-balance everything.

After about four months of treatment (interrupted by my holidays) I was, at long last, pregnant. There is no doubt in my mind that acupuncture has helped.

I also have to say that your relaxed and friendly approach put me at ease straight away. I didn’t feel pushed to take on treatment after our first (free) assessment appointment, and despite the needles (they’re not that bad really!) I enjoyed our sessions tremendously.

I am looking forward to some sessions to help with pregnancy niggles!

All the best.”

“The treatments I’ve received at The Mitchell Hill Clinic have been skilful, professional and highly effective.

Paul Adkins has somehow combined complete professionalism with a reassuring and friendly manner that makes patients feel comfortable and relaxed. The clinic itself is chic and tranquil – a little oasis in the middle of Truro!”

“I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels over the few weeks I have been having acupuncture. I have been sleeping better – I particularly notice this the first 2 or 3 days following treatment.

Facial acupuncture has subtly improved the overall appearance of my skin – it somehow appears ‘brighter’. I feel generally more ‘in balance’ physically and emotionally.”

“Dear Paul, thank you very much for the amazing treatment I received yesterday. I feel very much more “balanced” and will continue treatment.”

“Bryn was born on 31st May 2009 (2 weeks late!) at a very healthy 9.25 lbs.

We are all having a lovely time and he is a very zen baby who is very good and lets us sleep at night!

I want to say thank you for all your help, I am convinced the treatment made a difference in helping us to have a baby and not having to go through IVF, and we have been eulogising the marvels of acupuncture.”

“I had suffered several miscarriages before being treated at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in January 2007. My GP had no answer for these miscarriages and despite being very distressed and down about the whole thing I was told that there was probably nothing wrong with me and I should just try again, I didn’t feel that this was good enough and so decided to take things into my own hands.

At my initial consultation with Paul Adkins, he explained to me about the 5 Element Acupuncture he practiced. To determine which of my elements was out of balance Paul asked me questions concerning my medical history, emotional well being and lifestyle, although some of these questions were of a sensitive and personal nature, I immediately felt at ease due to his emphatic gentle approach.

We agreed on a treatment plan and each session that followed was always proceeded by a consultation to determine which pressure points he would be working on that week. Paul had an uncanny knack of gauging my well being and he put this down to the way my voice sounded, the colour of my skin and how my pulse felt. He always explained to me about the procedures he would carry out and I can honestly say that due to his professionalism I was rarely aware of feeling the very fine needles.

I started to feel a huge sense of calm and well being very soon after my first acupuncture session, and in May 2007 I became pregnant. Needless to say I felt extremely anxious about the prospect of miscarrying again but Paul was extremely knowledgeable about the subject and he used points to help strengthen and support my body and to aid my blood flow. He also used points to help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness and heartburn which enabled me to relax and enjoy a stress free pregnancy.

Alfie was born in January 2008, almost a year after my first consultation with Paul. The causes of miscarriage still remain unclear and anyone who has gone through this knows how soul destroying it can be, however my sessions with Paul became an integral and extremely valued part of my healing process.

As well as the treatment, I found being able to talk about my feelings and experience in a non ‘hospitalised’ environment hugely supportive and I have no doubt that he has played an important role in the successful arrival of my beautiful son.”

“I first visited The Mitchell Hill Clinic approximately two years ago when I started acupuncture treatment with Paul for a thyroid condition.

I chose to combine ‘conventional’ medicine with acupuncture in a bid to avoid surgery and I am happy to say that my thyroid condition has been symptom free, and well under control, for the past year, without the need for surgery or any medication.

Paul is currently treating me for the symptoms of menopause and after only two treatments I am already noticing a definite improvement in my symptoms. I am confident that acupuncture treatments with Paul will continue to improve things further, and I have no doubt that the treatments have also contributed enormously to my general feelings of well being and positive energy levels over the past two years.

Paul is a very dedicated and friendly practitioner with an infectious zest for life. He always goes to a great deal of trouble to take the time to talk to his patients and to get to know them and understand their needs. I have every confidence in his knowledge and expertise and I am very happy to recommend him as a trusted acupuncture practitioner.”

“At 57 I found I was putting on weight at an alarming rate.

I decided to cut alcohol from my diet for a start. One visit to The Mitchell Hill Clinic 13 months ago had the required effect. The painless acupuncture made me resolve to stop smoking too at the same time.

3 visits were enough  to make a major change in my lifestyle. I got more accomplished, lost 1 and a half stone and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Keep up the good work, a major contribution to the national health.”

“Dear Paul, I’m writing to thank you for the session of acupuncture last Wednesday. Brilliant! It was just the job – the next day, my energy was back, no catarrh, amazing!

It has certainly loosened my chest which I think is very positive.”

“I had acupuncture for the first time on Monday 16/11/09 and when I entered the clinic I already had the beginnings of a migraine. Anyway after the acupuncture the headache disappeared and I woke the next morning with a clear head, not with the normal muggy head I usually get. This lasted up until the Wednesday before wearing off. I am certainly going to return next Monday for further treatment. It was wonderful. 

Paul was very calming and I did not feel nervous at all. He explained the process and talked me through what he was doing including how the acupuncture works.”

“I just wanted to drop a line to mention that I don’t know which points you targeted yesterday but today has been one of the best days I’ve had in a long time – in terms of mood and pain.  It’s really strange but at one point I thought – I don’t have any pain – and it was such a fantastic feeling… So if you could make a note of the ‘needle points’ (if you haven’t already) – I’ll have some more please.”

“Hi Wonderman and sidekick Wonderwoman,

Cannot wait to tell you that you are acupuncturist supreme!! I have not taken one paracetomel since 7 am yesterday morning, had the best nights sleep for weeks. A bit stiff to start this morning,  but that gave up once I got going and I can cope with this volume of pain after what I have had. Many thanks look forward to next week.”

“Dear Paul,

I’m writing to thank you for the session of acupuncture last Wednesday. Brilliant! It was just the job – the next day, my energy was back, no catarrh, amazing!”

“I have now used a lot of their services and have been amazed by all of them in such a friendly and welcoming environment.

Paul who runs the clinic is a brilliant acupuncturist and is someone who I regularly see for general well being (he is also the pioneer of facial acupuncture!!)

… The Mitchell Hill Clinic – a wonderful little gem in Truro.”

“I only have good feedback, backed up by the number of people I’ve recommended to you. Your treatments are effective, you take time to listen and the environment is relaxing, not to mention the cup of tea!”

“The clinic is welcoming and has a calming effect, as does Paul himself who is always ready to listen to the client’s concerns in relation to what is at the forefront on that occasion.”

 “Helpful therapy from a friendly, knowledgeable practitioner (Paul Adkins).”

“Very friendly and relaxing environment.”

“The atmosphere and welcome are friendly and relaxing. I just wish, at the moment, I had the time to come in for more cosmetic acupuncture as I felt it really did work.”

“Comfortable environment – a bit of a sanctuary in nice surroundings.

Easy to feel relaxed and at ease.

Don’t feel rushed or just another patient.

Very personal approach.

A wealth of knowledge and lots of advice for all sorts of problems.

Positive and very helpful approach from all the staff.

Mixture of services e.g. acupuncture, herbalist, nutritionist, so a ‘one stop shop’ for any problem.

I do a 2 hour round trip to visit the clinic and always come away feeling positive, rejuvenated and with a relaxed and calm feeling. Well worth the trip!”

“Great support through IVF cycles. The clinic is a very relaxed and tranquil environment for treatments.”

“Paul is always positive, encouraging and full of energy, humour and hope.

They provide a calm and soothing atmosphere, a place of sanctuary to restore the body and mind.”

“Paul is very welcoming and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Very thorough initial consultation and informative during treatment. I have found Paul’s fertility acupuncture a fantastic complementary therapy during my IVF treatment, helping me achieve a balance; both emotionally & physically.”

“It’s friendly and the treatments work!”

“The atmosphere at the clinic is very relaxed and informal, always a friendly and warm welcome from Paul. Paul has very good interpersonal skills combined with a professional approach which makes me feel more confident and self assured. The results of the treatment are always very good.”

“Paul’s sense of humour and the fact that he’s very patient. It’s so peaceful in there too.”

“Friendly and informal, yet professional atmosphere.”

“Friendly atmosphere, you’re made to feel that you’re in safe hands and never made to feel your treatment is rushed due to time limits.”

“Serene atmosphere. Talented acupuncturist. Treatments work.”

“Very professional service.

Love the electric blanket in winter, feel very pampered, always very comfortable.

Love the cup of tea and chat.

Paul is always interested in what is going on in one’s life.

Book loan outstanding.

Great location and atmosphere.

Good price.”

“Sir Paul le Rock is welcoming, relaxing, knowledgeable, supportive and tattoey!”

“Relaxed, informal atmosphere. Being offered a cup of tea! Attend for Facial Acupuncture.”

“Paul is an exceptional therapist, highly professional, empathetic and all of the sessions I have had have been successful. For instance, when I had a persistent cough last year, which had gone to my lungs, after one session with Paul the cough shifted. So, I have confidence in him as a therapist which is the most important.

Although the therapist is the crucial agent of course. I also like the way the clinic is organized, the therapy room is beautiful and again Paul’s professionalism shines through.”

“Paul is an absolute treasure, he provides exceptional service at a time which is convenient for me to attend, and with a person in pain, that is exactly what you need. I have no hesitation in recommending him, and have booked another appointment!”