Positive Acupuncture Circle LogoCupping Therapy, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, targets acupuncture points or works on larger areas to stimulate blood and Qi.

Cupping Therapy at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in Truro

Cupping creates a vacuum in the glass cup when placing it upon the treatment area. You will be left to relax with the cups in place for around 20 minutes. The amount of cups used depends on your particular requirements, as discussed in the treatment plan.

Cupping doesn’t hurt, but circular red areas may appear following your session. These temporary marks resemble bruises but signify the movement of blood beneath the skin.

Suitable for muscular and acute pain conditions such as back pain. Cupping is also known to help cold/flu symptoms, fevers and improve poor circulation.

Cupping Therapy can be included in your Traditional Acupuncture treatment if required.

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