Facial Acupuncture Virtual Conference

Paul Adkins Speaks at Japanese Virtual Acupuncture Conference

Following the success of Paul’s Facial Enhancement Acupuncture workshop and seminar in Tokyo in 2016, he was invited to present virtually to delegates of Japan’s ‘International Society of Facial Acupuncture for Health’ conference.

Paul spoke about his cosmetic acupuncture protocol, Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, and how acupuncturists in the UK had adapted during the pandemic.

Fellow cosmetic acupuncturist specialists and lecturers Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and Takao Ueda (BIN) joined Paul for the presentations. Mary Elizabeth spoke on the industry in the US over the past couple of years.
Paul was grateful to his friend and host, BIN, for inviting him to speak at this year’s conference. He looks forward to working with his esteemed colleagues again and continuing to bring facial acupuncture to a broader audience.

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