“Want to banish wrinkles? Put needles in your face!”

“Want to banish wrinkles? Put needles in your face!” is the advice from Sarah Vine in this article about facial acupuncture. According to Sarah:

“Where I find the treatment particularly effective is in improving the bags under my eyes and reducing puffiness in general.

“Immediately, my skin colour and tone looks much better: pinker and healthier, as though I’ve just been for a brisk walk in the countryside.

“But what I really like is that the two areas of tension that give me most trouble – my jaw and the frown line between my eyes – really do soften.”

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As the Founder of Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA), I’ve both practised and taught this treatment for many years. There are now FEA practitioners worldwide from India to America.

Available on your doorstep at Positive Acupuncture, this relaxing and rejuvenating cosmetic treatment is definitely one to try.

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