Stomach 36 Acupuncture Point

How to Give Yourself a Boost With Acupressure

Known as Zu San Li, the ‘Stomach 36’ point translates as ‘Three Leg Mile’. This is one of my favourite points, especially at this time of the year, as it can give your energy levels a much needed boost.

Its unusual name gives us a clue to its use; it’s believed to come from the practice, in ancient China, of foot soldiers stopping every three miles to rub the point to give them more energy to continue.

As this is a Stomach point, it’s also great for strengthening and regulating the digestive system. Incidentally, ancient physicians believed this point could be used to ‘treat all diseases’!

ST36 can also be a very relaxing point as it helps to calm the mind, plus your acupuncturist may use it to tonify blood and Qi deficiencies.

Caution: Do not use the following point if pregnant, or if you think you could be pregnant.

It’s a little tricky to locate at about ‘four fingers’ width below the kneecap, in the dip between the shinbone and the leg muscle. Ask me next time you’re at The Mitchell Hill Clinic for treatment, if you have any difficulty. Once located, this point can be gently massaged with your index finger or middle finger for a couple of minutes to give yourself a burst of energy.

Remember, this point is useful for a boost, but don’t use it purely to keep forging ahead, when what you really need is a good night’s sleep!

As always, we’re talking about one of the most popularly used points of over 350 commonly used acupuncture points in the human body. So, it doesn’t solely rely on an in-depth diagnosis to prove beneficial. Of course it’s best to visit your acupuncturist first to determine the best course of treatment for your particular condition.

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