Medik8 Dermal Roller

Ten Christmas Treats from Facial Enhance

These ten luxury natural health and beauty products have been specially selected by The Mitchell Hill Clinic from our online shop to provide some fantastic gift ideas this Christmas.

Proto-col Instant Pedicure
Price £15 Save £4.95

Proto-col Mini Brushes
Price £24.95

Proto-col Baked Shimmer
Price £27.95 Save up to £24.95

Proto-col Party Box
Price £24.95 Save £17.85

Proto-col Beautifully Clean
Price £34.95 Save £10.90

Proto-col Eye See You
Price £34.95 Save £7.90

Proto-col Facial Travel Bag 
Price £24.95

Proto-col Night Time Skincare
Price £69.90 Save £79.95

Jade Rollers
Price £35 Save £13

Medik8 Dermal Roller 0.3mm
Price £49

Visit our online shop for all of our special offers>> Jade Rollers Offer ends 16th December 2011 | Proto-col Special Offers end 31st December 2011

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