Wood Element in Chinese Astrology

The Wood Element in Ba Zi Chinese Astrology

In Ba Zi Chinese astrology the 5 elements are divided into yin and yang, which will make a difference as to how they’re read in your birthchart. So, you may have yang Wood and yin Wood elements appearing in your chart or luck pillars. It may also feature the Tiger and/or Rabbit, which are considered yang Wood and yin Wood respectively.

Yang Wood is symbolised by tall, strong trees and Yin Wood is represented by plants, vines etc. The whole chart will comprise some, or all, of the 5 elements and this will have a bearing on your character, potential, relationships, health etc.

A quick look at Andy Murray’s Ba Zi chart reveals he’s a yang Wood person. Yang Wood types can be likened to trees; strong and determined to reach the top. Often straightforward communicators, Yang ‘Gap’ Wood personalities often tell it like it is, so if you’re looking for a candid opinion Andy’s likely to provide one.

When I draft a chart, I form a picture by looking at the interactions between all of the elements present (or missing) in the year, month, day and hour you were born. Although, it really needs to be looked at in relation to the chart, discovering if there was yin or yang Wood qi on your day of birth will reveal a lot about your basic traits too.

Other famous yang Wood day elements include: Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Richard Branson and Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan. Some well-known yin Wood personalities are Brad Pitt, Princess Diana, Prince William and Madonna.

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