Water Element Symbol

The Water Element in Classical 5 Element Acupuncture

Water completes the cycle of the 5 Elements and is shown here by the Chinese character of Shui. This is symbolic of the main current of water flowing through the middle, with little streams whirling out from it.

Water corresponds to the season of winter and the direction of North. A Water element type would exhibit a blueish skin tone and the predominant emotion is fear. This can manifest by people becoming frozen, unable to move forward or trying to fill their lives in an attempt to run from their fear. As we have seen throughout this series, people with an imbalance may exhibit the opposite; in this case a complete lack of fear.

Physically an imbalance of Water can present itself through symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, endocrine disorders, hypertension, urinary tract problems and kidney issues. Mentally, Water elements may suffer with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and phobias.

When in balance a Water element can find a way around any obstacle, they are persistent and determined. Water always finds a way. Related to wisdom and knowledge, when in balance, a Water element will readily share these attributes.

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