Water in Five Element Acupuncture

The Officials of the Water Element

The two officials of the Water element are the bladder and kidneys. Makes sense right? Between them they govern the major aspects of our vital fluids. They’re of the greatest importance to the whole of the body and other officials, as none of them can function without water.

The kidney official is known as the ‘official who controls the waterways’. This, however, may be a little misleading as the kidney does far more. Ancient Chinese philosophy believed that the kidney official was the storehouse for ancestral energy that was passed on to each generation. This essence is called Kidney Jing and is derived from both pre and post-heaven essence. The pre-heavenly essence is inherited from our parents at conception. It can be gradually depleted throughout our lifetime unless it’s conserved well. The post-heavenly essence is taken from food and nourishment and can be replenished. This supply can be called upon when we have heavy physical or mental tasks to cope with.

The bladder is known as the ‘official of the municipal waterways’ and is the reservoir of the body, mind and spirit. It’s the reserve that we draw from in the winter when things are running low. If there’s no reserve to draw from then our health and wellbeing will be affected.

As well as being a reservoir, the bladder is also charged with disposing of the impurities that are found in our urine. So, if these are left to build up and are not disposed of, this can eventually pollute our whole being. If the bladder is out of balance, it may not be able to keep its fluids in its boundaries. This may manifest as incontinence and cystitis type infections.

The bladder is one of the few officials that’s similar in its descriptions of use, both in Chinese and Western medicine. It’s also the longest meridian on the body with sixty-seven acupuncture points. The bladder and the kidney are interrelated and need to be looked at in the same context of equal importance.

Paul will work with these channels, not only to help with related symptoms that could stem from a Water imbalance e.g. lower back pain, certain fertility issues, fatigue, poor concentration etc. but to help you rediscover your courage, as well as the Water element’s natural wisdom.

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