Metal Element in Five Element Acupuncture

The Officials of the Metal Element

The organs of the Metal element are the lungs and large intestine. These officials are interrelated, as one brings goodness and vitality into the body and the other expels the waste and bi–products.

The lung takes the energy from the outside of the body to the inside, it takes what it needs from the air it’s inhaled and then expels what it doesn’t need when it exhales. The lung official then circulates this vital energy throughout the body, mind and spirit. It breathes fresh air and life into our whole being and it also gets rid of the stale and tainted air that resides within us. In classical Chinese medicine it’s seen as the “receiver of pure Qi from the heavens”.

The large intestine is the official of drainage and dregs. It’s responsible for getting rid of the waste from the body that can cause blockages and problems when things are not running smoothly. Of course this also applies to the mind and spirit, as if things are allowed to build up and are not cleared out on a regular basis then they will rot and become stale. This can lead to the spirit and mind becoming clogged up and not able to move forward.

When out of balance a Metal-type can relentlessly seek fulfilment outside of themselves, in quest of perfection at one extreme or resigning themselves to under-achievement at the other.

Metal is linked to the father, as the Earth is to the mother and when in balance the Metal-type can find the self-respect and authority they need to discover that they’re already complete and perfect just the way they are.

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