Summer Solstice

The Officials of the Fire Element

Unlike the other elements the fire element has four officials. These are the heart, which is the supreme controller and the small intestine, which is in control of transforming matter, separating the pure from the impure. Also, the pericardium – the heart protector and lastly the triple heater is the official of balance and harmony.

As one of the most vital officials of the body, the heart is also known as the Emperor and, as such, needs to be in control so that we feel settled. Its spiritual aspect is called shen and if disturbed, this can lead to insomnia and absent-mindedness.

Aside from taking an in-depth history and discussing your symptoms etc. Paul will also look at your eyes, if they’re bright and shining this is indicative of healthy shen. If they’re dull and lacklustre he’ll look to nourish the heart and calm the shen.

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