Earth Element in Five Element Acupuncture

The Officials of the Earth Element

The Earth element is all about nourishment and nurturing, about taking on board food and digesting and distributing it around the body. This is done by its two officials; the stomach and the spleen.

As well as nourishing the body we must also look after the mind and spirit equally. It’s important for us to digest knowledge and information in order to keep the mind active. By feeding our minds we’re making ourselves feel secure and able to cope with problems because of the knowledge and experiences we’ve stored up.

Someone with a stomach imbalance may have a very vacant look about them, they’re unable to digest any facts or information that may be given to them and they’ll show signs of confusion and anxiety if overloaded.

The same distress can manifest itself when the official of the spleen is imbalanced. Physically, the spleen is the transporter and if this function isn’t working smoothly this can lead to bloating after you eat and/or cravings for low nutrient foods. On a mental level worry and stress can then set in which can cause as much of a problem as a physical slow down or blockage in the body.

From Paul’s studies of the Earth element and its officials, it’s clear that they’re integral to the efficient running and maintenance of our mind, body and spirit. So, from a 5 Element Acupuncture perspective, it’s important to make sure your stomach and spleen are sustained and balanced.

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