Metal Element Symbol

The Metal Element in Classical 5 Element Acupuncture

Moving on to the Metal element today… Remember the character for Earth? It’s found within the Chinese symbol for Metal ‘Jin’ (pictured). There’s an extra line representing further depths of the earth and the two dashes are indicative of gold nuggets buried deep underground. The ‘roof’ shape is covering these hidden riches.

Metal corresponds to the autumn, the time of rising yin. Its qualities include connection, inspirational quality and purity and it’s associated with the directions West and North West. A pallid white complexion can suggest a Metal element causitive factor, especially beneath the eyes.

The emotion for this element is grief and is represented by an inability to let go and move forward in life. This can be characterised by someone always thinking “if only…” and being full of regret. At the other extreme the imbalance could see a person demonstrating a complete disregard for loss.

Physically an imbalance of Metal can be seen in various skin conditions which in turn lead to breathing problems such as asthma, hay fever and bronchitis. Those with such an imbalance may be drawn to pungent foods that contain hot spices, garlic and aromatic vegetables which can work to unblock the airways.

When in balance a Metal element is courageous, ambitious and self-reliant. It’s Paul’s job to bring about this balance when he identifies Metal as the causative factor.

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