The Metal Element in Chinese Astrology

The Metal Element in Ba Zi Chinese Astrology

Metal element Ba Zi stuff today; think of yin Metal as like jewellery and yang metal as more like an axe. The Rooster and Monkey represent Metal in a Ba Zi chart too.

A Ba Zi chart is generally made up of at least four pillars. Each pillar has a yin or yang element on top and one of the 12 Chinese animals on the bottom. This year’s pillar – 2011 – is a yin Metal Rabbit. So, as the Rabbit is yin Wood in nature, there’s an elemental clash here. Not quite as aggressive as 2010’s yang Metal Tiger – picture an axe striking a tree – this year’s more symbolic of scissors cutting grass; still a clash, but in a different way.

Well known yin Metal personalities include Gordon Brown, David Cameron, George W. Bush and Angelina Jolie. Famous yang Metal day elements include Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Martin Luther King and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

P.S. Love how Arnie’s d.o.b. confirms him as yang Metal, what else could the ‘Terminator’ be!!

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