Fire Element Symbol

The Fire Element in Classical 5 Element Acupuncture

So, do you resonate with the Wood element or know someone who does? Maybe you’ll feel a stronger connection with the next element – Fire.

‘Huo’ is the Chinese character for Fire (pictured) and it’s symbolic of dancing or fire rising. Representing the summer, South and the colour red, a Fire type can be described as passionate, friendly, enthusiastic and compassionate.

Often with a rosy or red complexion, the Fire person’s dominant emotion is Joy. Like the emotion of anger for Wood, this can manifest at either extreme as an excess of joy or a lack, leading to sadness. Problems in relationships can also derive from an out of balance Fire element, either from not letting others in or by being too open without determining whether someone is trustworthy.

When in balance, they can be happy, playful, full of laughter and are great communicators. They are effective networkers and, when healthy, Fire elements can truly listen to the needs of people in their lives.

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