Earth Element Symbol

The Earth Element in Classical 5 Element Acupuncture

The Chinese character for Earth (pictured) is Tu and represents the subsoil, topsoil and the vertical line shows the sprouting plant.

Earth, in Classical 5 Element Acupuncture, corresponds to late summer – a time of harvest and abundance. The equally ancient practice of Feng Shui links Earth to the directions North East, South West and the Centre.

The colour for Earth is yellow and this can clearly manifest in the skin tone. The emotion is sympathy and when an ‘earth type’ is in balance they’re centred, understanding and very generous.

When a person with Earth as their predominant element is unbalanced, they may display a sense of neediness and emptiness, demanding a lot of sympathy. At the other extreme Earth types can even seem uncaring.

Physically unbalanced Earth can manifest as digestive problems e.g. IBS, gynaecological problems, being underweight/overweight and fertility issues. Mentally an imbalance could result in eating disorders, insecurity and a craving for attention.

If Paul determines this element to be your primary causative factor (predominant element) based on colour, odour, sound and emotion, he will create a unique acupuncture treatment plan to address the imbalance.

When in balance an Earth element has the ability to ‘digest’ information and is able to effectively nourish and support others.

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