Eathe Element in Chinese Astrology

The Earth Element in Ba Zi Chinese Astrology

If you’ve been following our 5 Weeks, 5 Elements articles on our blog, you’ll know by now that each element is divided into yin and yang in Ba Zi Chinese Astrology.

So, yang Earth is like a mountain, stones, rocks etc. as opposed to yin earth which is symbolised by soil. Your Ba Zi chart may also include yang Earth found in the Dragon and Dog and/or yin Earth in the shape of the Sheep and Ox.

This information is essential to the reading your chart and it makes a difference where the elements appear e.g. year, month, day and hour in relation to what they may mean.

Famous yang Earth day elements include Victoria & David Beckham, Michael Jackson and Una Stubbs. Well-known yin Earth day personalities are Cheryl Cole, Barack Obama, Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis.

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