Chinese Five Elements

5 Weeks, 5 Elements

Both Paul Adkins and I utilise the 5 Elements in our practice at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in Truro, in Chinese astrology (ba zi), feng shui and traditional acupuncture respectively.

The use of the 5 Elements in Chinese Metaphysics or the Five Arts is a vast and ancient subject and can reveal a lot about you as a person and how to bring balance to your life.

As an area of our practice that fascinates many of our clients, we thought that it would be an interesting idea to combine our knowledge and spend each week taking a look at one of the 5 Elements on Facebook.

So, to begin with we’ll be providing a little insight into the Wood Element. Perhaps, Paul’s diagnosed you as a Wood Element when you’ve come for treatment and you’re keen to find out more. Alternatively, maybe I’ve discovered you’re a Yin/Yang Wood Daymaster or found a predominance of Wood when I’ve drafted your birthchart? Maybe you’ll know someone who’s character traits fit some of the info over the next week!

Whether you resonate with this Element or not, we hope you’ll enjoy finding out a bit more on Facebook and we’ll be following on with the other four Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal and Water over the next 5 weeks.

Although, Paul and I arrive at our conclusions in different ways, it’s interesting to see how often we determine someone as having the same predominant element. We’re always looking at ways of combining the two ancient practices of acupuncture and ba zi, as utilising both may really provide optimum benefit to the patient.

Acupuncture Treatment
When you come to see Traditional 5 Element Acupuncturist Paul Adkins, whatever the problem, he will begin work on identifying which Element you are. If he evaluates you as, say a Wood Element, this will then enable him to treat you using particular points associated with Wood and to remove any blocks. His aim is always to balance the mind, body and spirit, which in turn may help many problems and conditions.

Chinese Astrology (Ba Zi)
I identify your elemental make-up by hand-drafting your birth chart or ba zi. This will enable me to firstly establish what your daymaster or Chinese element was on the day that you were born. I will then look at how this interacts with the 9 elements that appear on the heavenly stems and branches of your chart. Finally looking at the ‘hidden’ elements to form a strong picture of you. This information can be useful in revealing aspects such as your personality traits, family background, relationships, career choices, health issues and finances. Most importantly, it may act as a transformational experience to bring balance, maximise your potential or help you to move forward.

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