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Top Homeopathy Remedies for Hay Fever

Gabrielle Townsend provides Homeopathic treatment at Paul Adkins’ Mitchell Hill Clinic in Truro and this month she provides you with her recommended remedies for hay fever.

“While most of us are looking forward to the warmer weather and the chance to be outside in the fresh air, a large percentage of us will be dreading it…for hay fever sufferers and those with allergic rhinitis the months from March to September can become a nightmare.

Homeopathy can be hugely successful in treating the symptoms that can cause such misery and, if used at the start of the season, have been known to alleviate symptoms completely in some cases.

Below are a list of the top remedies that are used by most Homeopaths, but please do seek advice from your Homeopath regarding dosage and potency.”

Ailment Hay Fever with Burning Catarrh Hay Fever with Constant Desire to Sneeze Hay Fever when Mainly the Eyes are Affected
Physical Symptoms Streaming burning catarrh that may start in the left nostril and move onto the right. The upper lip and nostril become sore.
Thick honey coloured catarrh that follows 3-4 days of continuous violent sneezing. nostrils are sore, red and painful. Burning throat and irritating cough. Eyes are swollen and sensitive to light. thick, burning discharge from eyes that irritates the skin below. bland catarrh that drips down the throat.
Psychological Symptoms Irritability Restlessness. Anxiety and worry.
Possible hyperactivity in children.
Symptoms Better Cool Rooms. Fresh air. For bathing. For movement. In the open air. For eating. For rest. When lying down in a dark room. For coffee.
Symptoms Worse In warm/stuffy rooms. In cold, damp weather. For warm foods and drinks. For sneezing. For warmth. In dry weather. Warmth and windy weather. Bright light, indoors. In the evenings.
Remedy Allium C Arsen.iod Euphrasia


To book a consultation with Gabrielle, please give us a call at the clinic on 01872 274774, we’d be happy to help. To read more about Homeopathy with Gabrielle Townsend, please visit our website.

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