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How Coaching Can Help You Make Positive Changes for 2011

We’re celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rabbit at The Mitchell Hill Clinic – Acupuncture & Natural Health Centre this month with some fantastic offers!

Our Personal & Professional Coach Geraldine Lavery has a great special offer for February – see image. Geraldine outlines below how coaching can help you move forward this year.

We’re often told how late January/early February is the most depressing time of the year, but it needn’t be. If you’ve over indulged over the holiday, or tried to make resolutions then failed to keep them, don’t despair! Coaching can help.

It can help to set yourself realistic targets and goals. Working with a coach is a chance to explore what you really want to achieve: it’s an investment in helping you. Spend time thinking and talking through where you are now and where you’d like to be; challenge yourself by looking at your life in a new way, from new perspectives, in order to identify the best direction to take so that you can achieve what it is you feel is lacking in your life at present.

Even after just one session you will start to identify changes that you can make that can help you make your life more fulfilling – it will almost certainly enable you to take the first step forward.

Geraldine has a fantastic offer for February – 4 coaching sessions for the price of 3. To book your first session with Geraldine at the Clinic, please call us on 01872 274774 or visit Geraldine’s website to find out more about coaching and how it could help you.

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