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Number 1 Homeopathy Remedies for Winter Bugs and Coughs and Colds

The Mitchell Hill Clinic’s Homeopathic practitioner Gabrielle Townsend gives advice on how to help with colds, flu, high fevers, food poisoning and hangovers too! Over to Gabrielle…

The chances are that we will all succumb to some sort of bug or virus during the dark winter months.

Homeopathy is a very effective way of managing symptoms for yourself, and your family, as Homeopathy is safe to use in all age groups from newborn babies to the elderly. It can also run alongside any current medication or treatments you may be receiving, so there is no need to worry about any interference and the added bonus is that there are no side effects with Homeopathic remedies!

Below is a chart of remedies that a Homeopathic practitioner may consider when making a prescription for acute conditions.

You can purchase most of these remedies from health food shops and chemists, but I would recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified Homeopath regarding dosage and potency.

Should you wish to purchase any of these remedies, I can provide them in a handy kit formation that is easy to carry around with you or keep at home in your medicine cabinet.

Remedy When to Use Symptoms
Aconite Number 1 Remedy for Nipping Colds in the Bud

Acute infections with VERY SUDDEN onset. Coughs, colds, repiratory problems. Fear, shock and anxiety.

“For fear or fright give aconite”.

Better for warmth, lying down, fresh air and quiet.

Worse for stuffy rooms, crowds. AT NIGHT

Nux Vomica Number 1 Remedy for Hangovers

Great hangover cure, use after over- indulgence of any kind causing headaches, indigestion, bloating, flatulence.

and insomnia.

Colds and flu with runny nose by day, but blocked at night.

Better for warmth and rest, sleep. Better for firm pressure on the abdomen.

Worse for cold and over excertion.

Arsenicum Number 1 Remedy for Food Poisoning

Vomiting and upset tummy, food poisoning, burning stinging vomiting.

Exhaustion and dehydration.

Nausea on the slightest smell or sight of food

Fever that is hot to touch, but patient feels chilled inside.

Better for warmth, movement, sips of water.

Worse for cold, and between midnight and 2am.

Gelsemium Number 1 Remedy for Flu

Flu, sore throats, weakness, limp limbs, chills, fevers and headaches, heavy drooping eyelids.

Lack of thirst even during fever.

Exam nerves and stage fright.

Better for profuse urination, sweating, for stimulants {caffeine, alcohol}.

Worse for suprises and shocks.

Belladona Number 1 Remedy for Very High Fevers

Patient is burning hot and red. Eyes are glassy and pupils dilated.

Complaints have a sudden onset.

Thirsty and crave lemonade.

Better for lying down.

Worse for touch, jarring, movement. At 3am.

Please feel free to contact me should you require any help or advice.

I am currently offering a ‘Drop in Clinic’ on Saturday mornings at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in Truro from 9am till 11am. It is not necessary to make an appointment, so please feel free to pop in for any advice or for a free informal chat so that I can asses your situation and help you accordingly.

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Gabrielle Townsend LCCH, BSYhom.


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