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Nutrition and Lifestyle for Optimal Fertility

Our Independent Midwife Mandy Bellenger is part of The Mitchell Hill Clinic’s Integrated Fertility Centre in Truro. Mandy is now offering Nutrition and Lifestyle for Optimal Fertility sessions every Tuesday morning between 9am – 1pm.

It is Mandy’s aim to work with couples throughout their journey into parenthood, offering her professional advice and care on an individulised basis for optimal fertility. She says:

“At this point, the biggest question for those of you who have been trying to conceive for a while will be: why am I not getting pregnant and what more can I do to help myself? There is no general answer to these questions; we are all individuals with differing needs, beliefs and ideas. Each couples fertility journey will have been different to this point in time. Some may have spent a long time trying to conceive and some may only just be beginning.

Wherever you may lie along this journey, it is my aim to aid you in obtaining an optimal nutritional and lifestyle balance to enhance your fertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Eating a healthy diet prior to pregnancy is just as important as eating healthily while pregnant. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you never know exactly when you may fall pregnant, so it makes sense to adopt a healthy nutritional and lifestyle balance beforehand. This will not only boost your chances of conception, but make adapting to a healthy diet and lifestyle during pregnancy much easier.

Your partner’s diet and lifestyle will also affect your chances of conception. So, trying for a baby is an excellent time for you both to evaluate your diet and lifestyle and make any changes. With this in mind, you may both decide to come along for a consultation if possible. Although this would be ideal, I understand that with work and lifestyle commitments attendance with your partner may not always be possible, fear not, I aim to arm you with plenty of info for your partner to consider!”

To read more about Mandy’s experience in this field and to find out further details about the consultations offered, please visit our clinic’s website. To book an appointment with Mandy for either Independent Midwifery advice or Fertility Nutrition you can do so by booking online or calling us on 01872 274774.

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